AutoCAD: Osnaps Contextual Menu

Reach the Osnap Menu any time even during commands. Some of the unachuracy in most of the drawings come from the fact that we keep the perpendicular or the nearest Osnaps activated all the time. That way, if for instance, a line is not totally perpendicular to the active UCS and we select the perpendicular osnap, the line that we will draw will remain sightly unaligned.
The solution is to turn off these Osnap options. Althouugh it's really anoying t g and turn them on again when we need them.
The best way t solve this is to use the Osnap contextual menu. While drawin anything click "shift+Right mouse click" tis will show the Osnap contextual menu on the screen, we can then select the osnap we want for that action, bu it will keep it unactive for the rest of the drawing process. Just expierence it for while, you wil find out that you end up with much less unachuracy in your drawings.

"Shift + Right Mouse Click"

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