ADT 2006: Rotate Tags

How do you rotate all tags at once?One of the cool features of Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2006 is the use of spaces and tags anchored to them. A space is an ADT entity, not existing in AutoCAD. With spaces and their tags, we can easily show the areas of a residential Unit, a retail development etc. When we add a tag to the space that is intended to show the area of that space, the tag will update if the area of the space change.
anyways, this post doesn´t intend to explain what tags and spaces are. It's just a post to share what I discovered lately. For a long time I though I couldn´t rotate tags any other way than selecting them one by one and rotating them. That was really painful in big projects. Yesterday I discover that in the properties tab, if we click in the box that says¨"Anchor" there is a field that says "rotation". So if we select a bunch of tags get to the properties tab and click on anchor we will be able to rotate all the tags at once keeping the where they are.

Select tags -- Go to property palette -- click anchor -- change rotation angle.
UPDATE: This is an old post. Can you tell us in the comments if the trick still works? Thanks!

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