AutoCAD: Adjusting Hatch Density

Sometimes when we want to create a hatch that is too dense we get the following message: "Hatch spacing too dense, or dash size too small." This means that we are trying to create a hatch that is denser than the maximum allowed by the system. This might be changed with a simple procedure. We type the following on the command line bar:(setenv "MaxHatch" "10000"). 10000 is the default value, so it will actually not change anything. If we want to create a hatch and we get the sentence mentioned above, we must increase the maximum density allowed. That means we must type for instance: (setenv "MaxHatch" "10000000"). By changing 10000 for 10000000 we increased the maximum density allowed in the drawing. Try to create the hatch gain, it will work this time. If it doesn´t enter the command again with a higher value till it allows you to create the hatch.

Command line order: (setenv "MaxHatch" "10000000")

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