AutoCAD: Missing Dialog Boxes

If you can't find a dialog box that is supposed to appear here you'll find the solution.
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Recently my company upgraded from Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2006 to AutoCAD Architecture 2008. We found the problem that in any computer we ran AutoCAD architecture, the dialog Boxes were missing when running commands such as HATCH or calling the Layer Manager.
The problem seems to come from some sort of hardware issue. We couldn't figure out the way to solve it till we found out that the dialog boxes were not missing, but far away on the left side (outside the screen resolution area).
The solution we found might not fight the source of the problem, but it definitively worked as a solution for us.
After running a command that should call a dialog box like Hatch, we press together Alt+Space+Enter. Then press the right arrow and keep pressing it until, surprise, the dialog box appeared from the left side of the screen.
This is a basic Windows procedure, If you click Alt+Space in any explorer window you will see a dialog open with the options Restore, Move, Size, Minimize, Maximize and Close. The same happens with the Dialog Boxes in AutoCAD, but the only options in most of them are Move and Close. Since Move is the default one, by pressing Alt+Space+Enter we will have selected to move the dialog box without the need to see it. Then we will use the arrows to move it till it appears on scree.


  1. brilliant!

    thanks a lot! while changing between single and dual mode many dialog boxes are missing! it was so easy, but I couldn't solve it!

    thank you again!

  2. my god... thank you so much! that has been the bane of my life for the last two years!!!

  3. Many thanks!!!
    But didn't work with Alt+Space+Enter; instead, worked with:

    Alt+Space, then M for move,
    and then left or right arrow until dialog box came into screen.

    In my case the dialog box was in the position of the main monitor, but only appeared in the secondary monitor, so it didn't appear; I had to pull it from the main monitor towards the secondary (in my case from left to right) and it appeared in the secondary monitor as if it had come from the main monitor.

    1. The Alt+Space then M for move and then right arrow until dialog box came into screen. It worked! Thanks so much!!! I had to use my 2014 version of CAD to insert points and then go back to my 2016 version.

  4. ha ha, I have figured it out. Initially I was working on 2 screens. One screen in front of me and another to my left. The hatch box would pop up on the screen to my left. This set up was uncomfortable so I moved the screen from my left to my right. All of a sudden the hatch dialog box did not pop up when prompted. I did what was explained above and the box appeared. It came from "my original screen on left" to my screen in the center and then to my screen on my right. So there lies the problem and solution (at least for me). Thanks guys. I was about to re-install the program.

  5. We have a similar but different problem: No hatch dialog but on the command line it prompts to select a profile area, no options as there would be with -H. Also ALT+SHIFT, selects the mane ACAD windoe, not a missing dialog. Ideas?

  6. Perry,
    I think you need to play with the FILEDIA system variable. Sometimes it gets screwed up.

    Check this for more info. Let me know if it worlks

  7. Thanks for the quick response Marti. But, nope, not it, FILEDIA=1 as it should. All other dialogs work fine. The confusing thing to me is there is a command line prompt saying "Pick internal point or [Select objects/remove Boundaries]:" just as if the Add Pick Points button were pressed, or hitting enter twice. Hitting enter after selecting an area locates the hatch and exits the command, not going back to the dialog as it should. I almost think a reinstall is in order.

  8. One last guess then. Try CMMDIA
    If thAT doesnt work, then i am out of tricks...

  9. THANK YOU!!!! My hatch dialog box just didn't pops up one day... Many thanks for this trick!

  10. Thank you so much, you're a genius! I didn't know what to do when my dialogue box disappeared, cheers!

  11. You're a genius, thank you so much! I didn't know what to do when my dialogue box disappeared, cheers!

  12. thanks so much! this problem bugs me for days !!


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