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Share your models with people that don´t have SketchUp.
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Thanks to the guys from this Blog I came across the SketchUp Web Exporter recently released by google (find the installer here). What it does is that it allows us to export a 360 degee interactive view of our model, allowing any user that visits our website to spin the moel and get a complete 360 degree view of our model without the need of having SketchUp installed.
So I though: 'let´s give it a try!' I got an old pretty heavy SketchUp file, installed the Web exporter and created an output to upload on the web, no problems. You can also find a video with more informtion here


  1. Were you able to control where the camera is located?

  2. Not really. Apparently in this first release the functions are pretty basic. I guess they will wait for some ruby programmers to do the job and add more functions to the script.

  3. If you are looking for a free updated web exporter for Sketchup, you should have a look to Spread3D Free Edition. It creates automatically an interactive 3D web experience (viewer, interactive visit) you can host on your website or blog.



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