AutoCAD: Transferring Tool Palettes

Transfer your tool palettes from one computer to another.
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After creating tool palettes in any of the AutoCAD versions, you might want to transfer them to other computers in your network. There is no Export command so finding the way to do so it might be a bit complicated.
Here is a link to the support site from autodesk about the topic. Basically it explains the following steps to do that. You have to use the content browser. But the explanation from autodesk I think is a bit short and might not be enough fo a newby. So here comes a kind of extended version of it.
To store the palettes you have created do the following:
  • Click on the content browser icon or type CONTENTBROWSER in the command line window.
  • Right click and "Add Catalog" --> Create New Catalog
  • Browse to a network location that all computers can access.
  • Save the catalog there.
  • Double click the new catalog that you have created.
  • Drag and drop the new palettes to from you palettes side bar to the Catalog.
In any computer where you want to add those palettes, follow these steps
  • Add catalog --> Add an existing Catalog
  • Browse t the network location you specified before
  • Double click the new added catalog
  • Drag and drop the palettes you want from the catalog to your tool palettes bar. (see that it is not a simple drag and drop operation, you have to click in the palette you want to load in the contend browser and keep pressing the mouse button till a syringe icon loads, then drag to the tool palettes bar in AutoCAD
Note: After the initial transfer operation, you can add new tool palettes that you created by drag and dropping them to the Catalog in Content Browser. That will make any palette you created in one computer available to the other users on your network.
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  1. Great Tip but it does not work in plain Autocad you must have one of the Architectural verticals.

  2. you are right. I am currently working with AutoCAD Architecture 2009. Can you tell me wha tis it that it didn't work? I guess I should try to get a copy of plain AutoCAD to double check...

  3. How timely is this topic? I just emailed Autoddesk on this subject last week, but my issue still has not been resolved.

    I need to send my tool palette to a sister office not on my local network. I already have the catalog located on the network. Do I zip up and send the entire catalog folder? What does the sister office need to do on their end? I have these types of questions.

  4. Anonymous,
    if you email the catalog to your sister office they should be able to place it on their network and then add it to each machine followig the last 5 points on my list.
    Remember that I was working on AutoCAD architecture when I wrote this post, so there might be some differences with plain AutoCAD that I am not aware of right now.


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