SketchUp: Export Multiple Scene Images at Once

Exporting multiple Scene Images might be tedious without this trick.
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From pushpullbar and a post by Torlai we find a solution to a common problem when working with a large number of scenes. What if I want to export easily a JPEG of each scene at once?
The 4 easy steps to follow are very simple:
  1. Go to Window -> Model Info -> Animation -> uncheck the Scence Transitions box.
  2. Go to the File menu -> Export -> Animation, set the file type to JPEG
  3. Use the Options button to adjust the size of the images.
  4. Export animation.


  1. As a secondary use, I'm using this to export a large drawing with high detail using the styles. If you zoom too far out and export, the styles don't show up. This method allows me to export the drawing with multiple shots zoomed in close to get the detail in. Thanks for the tip.

  2. This used to be available in V7 & 8. Why did they ditch it? Thanks for the work around

  3. but is there any possibility to export animation in a higher resolution?


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