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Discover a plugin that will allow you to calculate volumes of objects.
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There is a useful plugin for Sketchup called VolumeCalculator21.rb. It allows us to calculate the volume of an object. The only requirements are that it needs the object to be a group or component, and for maximum accuracy the geometry has to be clean. For clean geometry basically we need that each edge has two faces, no more no less, but that will ensure that the volume calculation is precise.
I tried it with basic geometry and the results were exact, when I tried it with very complex and not clean geometry, I got different results from time to time, so the importance of using clean geometry is very clear.
Still, I think it is a plugin worth having. To use it (after downloading the plugin and saving it to the plugins folder in SketchUp) select the group or component you want to know its volume, right click, and you will find an option called volume. Select that and you will get a dialog box that will ask you for which units you want to use and other options. It is very simple to use.
You can download the plugin here. Thanks to the author TGI.


  1. Doesn't work. SketchUP crashes every time I try to use it.

  2. Well,
    I tested it both in versions 6 and 7 and it works. So I can't tell you what might be your problem or how to solve it.

  3. Seems to work fine. Just need to make group(s) or component(s).
    Also, saving RB script in actual (OSX) app does not work.

  4. I think that this plugin does not work with W7.

  5. Hi, When i download the calculator to my sketchup plugins and then select open with sketchup I get a box saying it is not a sketchup file? I can't get it to work.
    Can you help me, Thanks Lea

  6. Works fine in the latest version. Place the .rb file under Program Files/Google/Sketchup/Plugins then restart Sketchup.

    Create a box of say 1m x 1m x 1m.
    Select by triple clicking on the box then right click and select Make Group. When you've done that, right click and at the bottom you'll see Volume. Choose that then choose the units you want.

    Works for me. I like this.

  7. Hi, I down loaded both sketchup and the volumecalculator plugin, I had to download another program to open the plugin, but still don't know how to get the plugin to sketchup.
    Please help, thanks Paul

  8. Hi, I need to calculate a volume between 2 intersecting organic shaped surfaces, does anyone know if its possible to use this plug-in for this task, or know a way to make an object between these 2 surfaces?
    Thanks Søren

    Paul: read Bill McIntosh's JAN 31, 2011

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Søren I think what you want to do can be done either by using Intersect with... (model, context, ) or by suing the boolean tools Omce you have ther resulting interesection you want to measure, you could use the Volume Calculator.
    Let us know if that works

  11. Thank you - this is great. I'm trying to calculate the volume of a two storey house. I'm newish to sketchup, and as my model was complicated with probably all sorts of strange geometry inside (and that sketchup woman is inside it somewhere, probably buried in a wall) it was easier to take the roof off the model, extend some vertical lines upward at each point where the plan changes direction, create a new flat plane the shape of the building's plan, then push that to create the same volume, then add a shape representing the roof, group and calculate from those simple shapes. Probably a strange work-around, but I just don't know Sketchup well enough yet to know a better way. Anyway, thanks for posting this file.

  12. This is great to calculate material quantities. Just you need to built your model systematically with details.good plugin for estimating!

  13. It works perfect for me, sketchup 6. Thanks a lot! :)

  14. I can't make this work in SU 2015....any new updates?


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