SketchUp: Export to Maxwell Problems

If you can't find the Maxwell type of file when trying to export from SketchUp you might find the solution here.
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For some reason, me and some other colleagues have been experiencing problems to Export to Maxwell from SketchUp. We followed all the steps to install the Maxwell Export Plugin for SketchUp but for some reason the .MXS type of file didn't appear as a file type in the Export Dialog Box.
For some reason the installation of the plugin didn't work 100%. I got in touch with Next limit Tech Support (that I have to say has a phenomenal response time) an they told me how to solve it. Apparently, the installation of the plugin was lacking one file. The solution is copying the mfc71.dll file from SketchUp installation folder to C:\Windows\System32. That solved the issue.
I haven't figured out if the problem comes from an issue on the plugin setup file, or some problem with our computers, but the solution worked. If you are having a similar problem try this, but first be sure that you check if the .MXS type of file is there or not. It happens to be on top of the list in the export dialog box, so sometimes people think that is not there when the only thing they need is to scroll up on the file type list.


  1. what about when it is on a mac? I have the same issue, but on OS X

  2. Actually this problem shouldn;t happen to MAC OSX (According to Next Limit tech Support) be sure you have the Pro version of SketchUp, otherwise you will only be able to export to KMZ extenion for 3D models.

  3. Hi, already copy the mfc71.dll file in the system32 but still when i open the export dialog box the .mxs file is still not showing. can you help with this. this is my email address

  4. i am using sketchup 7 and already installed 1.7 maxwell render and the only problem is the maxwell exporter.can you help me pls pls pls.. here is my email

  5. Hi ANonymous,
    sorry for answering here instead of through email, but I has some issues previously with Spam.
    As the post explains, double check that you have a licensed Pro version of SketchUp, the free version doesn't allow to export to other formats other than KMZ.
    THe second thing also exlplained on the post is to check the top of the export lsit.
    If nothing of this works, contact Next Limit, I did it when I had the problem and they have a super quick response time for technical issues.

  6. I am having the same problem of the MXS file type not showing up in the export dialogue box. I am using a SketchUp Pro 7 TRIAL version-- shouldn't the funtionality be complete (even though a trial), so that users could test the functionality of plugins? I have downloaded the exporter plugin from Maxwell's website, and have emailed Maxwell directly, but no response yet. Anyone have an updated solution to this?

  7. I'm a user of Sketchup and Vray in Mexico, recently downloaded the last version of Maxwell but i just can't download the plug in to export the mxs file, apparently just authorized users can login into the download area, so how can I test the program without the plug in? Can somebody help me please?

  8. I dont have a mfc71.dll in my sketchup folder.

    So I downloaded it off the internet and copyied it into the system 32 direcctors and it still doesn't work.


  9. The plugin installs the "skp2mxs.plugin" file into the wrong place. Right-click on the sketchup application icon, go "Show package contents" and you will see a folder called "Plugins". You must drag the "skp2mxs.plugin" file from its previous location into the plugins folder.


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