AutoCAD: Things that CTRL can do for you

Following the series that explores the benefits of certain keys. This time CTRL will make your life easier.
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Second post on the series "things that a KEY can do for you". The first one was about the SHIFT key. In this one we will see how CTRL can help us work faster. Several processes can be sped up using the CTRL key smartly:
  • If we click on a Grip of an object we can move it, stretch it, etc. If we press CTRL we will copy it.
  • Pressing CTRL on AutoCAD Architecture (ACA) when we are drawing a wall, will toggle the justification line from left to right.
  • Also on ACA, when moving a grip of an AEC polygon, pressing CTRL will cycle through the different options. (see this post for more details)
  • On 3D objects, pressing CTRL will allow us to select subobjects (i.e faces)
  • On 3D objects, if we are editing faces through Grips, CTRL will togle between the different editing methods.
There are other functions CTRL performs in AutoCAD or ACA, but these are the ones I find the most useful to increase your work speed. If you know of any other, let me know!

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