AutoCAD:Explode Unexplodable Blocks

Do you find yourself unable to explode certain Blocks? Don't despair, the solution is easier than you might think.
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When a Block is created there are several options that sometimes are overlooked. One of this is the option to not allow the block to be exploded. If you don't know that this exists, you might find yourself unable to explode a block that you really, really, really need to explode (I am no fan of Block exploding, I mostly hate people who do that as a hobby, but sometimes you do need to explode them).
The trick is to open the block definition dialog box (type "b", or "block") without selecting anything. Then on the drop down list search for the block you are unable to explode. You will see that the "allow exploding" option is unselected. Select it and click OK. Now select the Block, enter X for EXPLODE. The Block should explode.
As I said before, be careful about exploding blocks (specially in a multiuser environment). If they have been created as blocks is for a reason, so exploding them might screw up someone else's effort. Remember that Blocks can be scaled, clipped using the XCLIP or CLIPIT commands, etc so consider other options before exploding them.

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  1. Bravo! Thank a bunch for this tip! I have been using the following workaround for this problem. Use ref edit to open the block. Select all. Remove all from working set. Save changes. The block is now empty. Modify the block and save and replace the existing block. This is much smoother. In addition I quickly reasoned and tried, that you can also redefine the insertion point of existing blocks using this same method. A word of caution here, this can produce some unexpected results so make sure you try this in a scratch drawing first.

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  2. i have used the fdo to import a shape file in acad map 2010. i associate the points with a block thru the style editor. I then export to a dwg.. The blocks appear fine and everything exports (to the best of acad's abilities- stuff like hatches get funky as well as text styles... anyways) the resulting blocks are listed as allowing exploding but will not explode.... I think i have made the unbreakable block... any thoughts?

  3. any replies to my previous post please reply to this comment, forgot to check the notify me...


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