SketchUp Plugins: Make Faces from lines

Learn about a Plugin that will allow you to generate faces from existing linework. Català - Castellano - Deutsch The Plugin Makefaces.rb allows us to generate a face or multiple faces from existing linework. It is very useful both to generate faces but also to know how clean our geometry is. It is very simple to use. Once installed, simply select the lines and go to tools --> Make Faces. If there are any possible faces to be created from the selected lines it will create them, giving you at the end a report of how many faces it has generated. I use it quite a lot, I even have a shortcut for it (CTRL + M). Download it here and give it a try. You will need to download this Script too: Progressbar.rb This is an old post from 2009. you might want to check other Sketchup related posts.


  1. This plugin would be very useful but for the fact that it is incredibly slow and can crash your computer. SketchUp 7 makes the plugin pretty well redundant (in a good way), because of the fact that SU7 divides lines that cross over each other. So all you need to do in SU7 is draw a big rectangle over your plan and hey presto- same effect as Make Faces but without the delay or the crash!

    posted by viewsion:

  2. It is true that it is not very fast, but it is also true that many of us still use SU 6. SO it does play an important role still. I have a shortcut configured CTRL + M and it becomes super efficient. tripel click a line Press ctrl + M and you get a face.

  3. why there is only part of the lines "make faces" . how about the other? why? is that the problems from autocad while i drawing? what is the problems? can u help me, please? urgent...thx

  4. This doesn't work with edge lines ???

  5. Long time since I used it, but the point was to make faces from lines that where creating closed shapes but had not created a face. THis was very useful in earlier versions of SU, because the program was not smart enough someimes to automatically create the faces.
    In newer versions though it was less useful.
    In any case Brian, I think it does work with edge lines (as liong as they are not grouped as an object of course)


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