SketchUp Plugins: Unfold your model

Do you need to build a paper model of your Sketchup Model? There are Plugins to Unfold the model.
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If you want to build a physical model of your SketchUp model, you can do it using the Unfold.rb Plugin. This free plugin can be downloaded here and what it does is exactly what its names says. It unfolds the faces of a model to a plane that you decide.
It is a bit tricky to use, and you have to plan ahead if your model is complicated to be sure that the faces are build in a way that can be unfold. But once you get the sense of how it works you will be able to "deconstruct" your model to transform it in a series of faces laying on the same plane. See the following video for a quick reference on how to do this.

There is also a commercial plug-in called Waybe that automates this process to a single click, but it sells at $50, which I find way overpriced.


  1. you are clicking around fasdt in this video but without sound. I did NOT understand how it works from this video. You better make just THREE screenshots

    1.) click on face you want to "unfold"
    2.) click on the face that should be the level
    where all faces should be laying when the unfolding is finished
    3.) result

  2. I just can say wow!
    this plugins is very useful for my education,i can make design packaging faster now
    thanks :D


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