SketchUp Plugins: Site Modeling - Place Trees

Easily transfer your trees from your 2D drawing to the right position (height) on your site model.
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I've been working on a complex site model and needed to add several hundred trees on it. I found a Plugin that once you have the trees drawn in CAD 2D makes it a two click process to put the trees on your site.
The plugin drop.rb drops objects till they hit some base plane. This is very useful to place our trees on the site. What we do, is we simply import the file were all the trees are in 2D.

Once we have imported the CAD file with the trees into SketchUp, we move the trees higher than our site, select them all and with a right click we select "drop at intersection". The trees will drop till they "hit" the site, each of them being placed at the right height.

Once they are dropped, we can edit one of them to turn them into a 3D tree. Since they were blocks imported from AutoCAD they act like components, so all the trees will be updated.

See this last view of the street wit all 3D trees placed at the right height. All with a two click process.

You can download the plugin here.

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