AutoCAD: Get Back the Menus and Toolbars - aka Ditch the Ribbon

Do you hate the ribbon? Do you want to get back your old menubar structure with toolbars? Easy and simple
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I hate the ribbon, I confess it. It is not only the Ribbon in AutoCAD, its the whole Ribbon concept, I hate it too since it appeared in the new version of the Office package (2007).
Fortunately, AutoCAD allows you to switch back to the old system, it is a pretty simple process. You just need to do the following:
  • Type RIBBONCLOSE (it will close the ribbon)
  • Enter MENUBAR in the command line and type "1" as a new value (it will show the menubar)
  • Then go to the EXTRAS Menu and go to Toolbars, here you will be able to select the toolbars you want to see displayed

Update: On the bottom right of the screen there is a Workspace control button that by default reads "2D Drafting and Annotation". If we change that to "AutoCAD Classic" we will get the standard interface we were used to before the ribbon appeared. Thanks to Helen for this tip.


  1. i agree wholeheartedly. the ribbon is a marketing tool and a huge step back in discovery and productivity.

    there's an easier way to get the old menu back, and it's the first thing i teach my students when we start an autocad seminar:

    on the bottom right of the interface, there's a 'workspace' control which initially reads '2D Drafting & Annotation'. hit it, and you'll see a list of default workspaces. select 'AutoCAD Classic' and pow! you get the old interface back.

    ... and you can go back and forth if you're curious about the other workspaces.

  2. Thanks Helen! I'll update the post with this. BTW nice website and thanks for the link to the non religious relief organizations. I am gonna post it here too.


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