SketchUp Plugins: Extrude Edges by Face

Extrude any face along a path. it sound like Follow Me tool? Well it is much better and faster.
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TIG set of Extrusion Tools is great. Another Tool of this set I wanted to show you here is the ExtrudeEdgesByFace.rb. This one allows you to Extrude a face following a line or set of lines (straight or curved). I know this might sound exactly as the Follow me Tool, but it is not. The advantages compared to the Follow Me Tool is that the Face doesn't need to be properly alligned with the profile to be extruded properly. See these two images.

If you want, you can rotate the face and use the Plugin again and the result would be this one.

Another advantage of this Plugin compared to the Follow me Tool is that it allows you to do multiple Extrude Operations at the same time. Like the one below. I selected the Face and all the paths, and in a single operation i got this result.

The Plugin is part of the Extrusion Tools by TIG. You can download them here.

If you are new to SketchUp chek here to know how to Install SketchUp Plugins.

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  1. Before I download any of those nice plugins, which I like very much by the description, I want to ask you if you know about a plugin to solve a problem I have.
    I am drawing an airplane wing and the front edge is curved in addition to bend around the tip and gradually going smaller or thinner as it ends behind the tip of the wing. (hope you get this)

    Is there a plugin that solves this?

    Another similar example would be thinking of this as a round straw that is curled and and going from some x radius at the bottom to nothing at the tip.

    I thought of a two or a three path follow me plugin or something in that fashion, but can not find any brilliant solution.


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