SketchUp Plugins: Better Unfold Tool - Flattery

A new Free Plugin to unfold your Model in SketchUp.
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Some time ago I posted about the Unfold Tool Plugin for SketchUp. Recently I found out throught the Daily CathUp that Pumpkinpirate has released a better Unfold tool called Flattery. I set myself to try it and produced this quick video about it.

The Plugin an be downloaded through the Pumpkinpirate website. Great Job.


  1. Heyy !!
    plzz some help
    i downloaded this awesome plugin but when i put it in the plugins folder it's not shown in skitchup
    and i tired it on 2 computers
    plzz helpp ,,

  2. moustafa,
    have you checked. View > Toolbars > Flattery ??
    Checking this should make the Flattery toolbar appear.

  3. Could this plugin do the same to cuve survace?


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