BIM and SketchUp?

Could it be? Could SketchUp be the way to have 100% open stadnard BIM?
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The friends at SketchUp Ireland Blog think so and have posted an interesting list of reasons of why Google is the best placed company to help create a true Open Standard for BIM.

Check them out here.

I think this is an interesting discussion. Not only from the open standards point of viw, but also towards spreading BIM to the 99,9% of offices. SketchUp is so easy to use, that if made 100% BIM capable it would turn the transition to BIM into a matter of few months.

Of course you might argue that if SketchUp was 100% BIM capable it would be so easy to use. But let me answer that Google has surpised us before with brilliant and unexpected apps, so if they want they can do this too. Go GOOGLE!!


  1. I have the BIM worked out , I just need to iron out the bumps. I need more time to finish the project

  2. Thanks for posting this Marti, and we look forward to seeing what you come up with Andrew!

  3. The SketchUpBIM plugin provides a perfect amalgamation between Google SketchUp and BIM. It provides simple tools to create grids, floors, and all common structural engineering and architectural primitives like walls, columns, beams, slabs and openings. The methodology and process-flows are similar to popular BIM softwares like Revit and ArchiCAD.

    A free version is currently available at!


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