Book of the Month: SketchUp 7.1 for Architectural Visualization

Learn How to get the most out of SketchUp and other free tools to achieve professional quality renderings and visualizations
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June's Book of the month goes back to th previous trend of Software related books. A few weeks ago I got a copy of this great book. "SketchUp 7.1 for Architectural Visualization. Beginners Guide" and with the brief time I had to review it I can strongly recommend it.

The book is excellent for those aiming to produce architectural visualizations without willing to spend thousands in software or training lessons. From the very beginning the book states one of its main motivs "if it is not free don't waste your time with it". Following this statement the books shows you how to work smarter using free tools like SketchUp for modeling, Kerkythea for rendering and Gimp for image processing to mention just the most relevant.

To get a copy for yourself click on any of the images below to visit the publisher's site or to buy it directly on amazon.

or or

You can also take a look to a sample chapter that is available online


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  2. Well done to Robin for producing a much needed book! We hope it does very well. We may even help sell a few!

  3. Thanks. I wrote the book because there were always questions on the sketchup forums: how do I render with sketchup? What's the best renderer to use? The render software scene appeared to be a minefield, and a lot of people ended up wasting money on software that wasn't really what they were after. If you can do it first with the free software, then you're well placed to select a higher level renderer should you need it (and lots of people don't). The book also explains the new mindset behind creating visuals quickly and successfully, based on the unique features of Google SketchUp. Regards, Rob


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