New Buildings App for iPhone

A new iPhone Application for Architecture lovers is out there, and it is free.
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Finally there is an application for Architecture lovers to use on the iPhone. It is called "Buildings" and it uses the database from the open source wiki style website called Below you can find an excerpt from the app's page.

FIND, LEARN ABOUT & SHARE the ARCHITECTURE around you! Buildings is a wikipedia for architecture at your finger tips; it allows you to find and learn about architecture nearby and from around the world. A global directory of buildings with vast amounts of high quality media and information.
Using Buildings, you can read information, look at images, watch videos and find directions to architecture using the iPhone. There, you can join our online community by sharing to Facebook & Twitter, uploading new photos & videos and checking in with your location.
With a rapidly growing, user-generated database of architecture, Buildings offers a very rich source of architectural information to professionals, architecture-lovers, tourists & students alike

An here also a couple of screenshots of the app.

I do not own an iPhone myself (yet) but this seems extremely useful, especially when visiting other cities. Get the app on the itunes store. It is free.

via Archinect.

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