SketchUp: Creating Filled Section Cuts (Poche)

Options to show the section area with a Poche (Colored Fill)
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Just saw via the Official Google SketchUp Blog a video from Bob Pineo about creating Poches (the colored section cut fills). See the video below

This seems like a good method for its flexibility. There are other alternative methods to do something similar. One of them was already explained here at CAD Addict. It uses the SectionCutFace Plugin.

The third option is to use a default option in SketchUp. When we have created a section plane, we can select the section plane entity, right click and select "Create Group from Slice". This will create the edges of the needed Poche (Fill Section Cut). You will need to edit this newly created group to Fill it with a face manually or suing a plugin like Make Faces from lines.

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