SketchUp Plugins: Face Number Reduction

Reduce the number of faces in your model using this easy to use plugin. It will speed up your working time and improve render speed.
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POLYGON REDUCER (polyreduce.rb) is a SketchUp plugin to reduce the number of faces of SketchUp objects. It is useful especially when we use high poly models imported in our model or when we simply want some surfaces to be simpler and lighter. Below you can see a simple comparison of an object created with the Torus plugin before and after using the polyreduce with the face count on the left.

Above the initial object before using the Plugin. Below the object after running the Polyreduce plugin.

As you can see above, sometimes the object will not look so smooth as before running the plugin. This has an easy solution. We run the Soften Edges function and we can control again which edges are shown and which ones are hidden achieving a better result as it can be seen below.

To use the plugin you must select the faces you want to simplify. Then right click and select "Polyreduce" from the context menu. On the dialog box, you can select the percentage of reduction you want to use. Very useful Plugin!


  1. It looks like the reduced surface is composed of quads. But, if you turn on hidden geometry, you can see that they are all triangulated. I wonder if there is any way of making those quads planar to reduce the face count further.

  2. Yeah,
    I have actually tested the two models on Maxwell Render to see if the reduction of faces realy meant a reduction of render time and it didn't...
    Not sure if it is very uselful then.
    About reducing the coplanar faces, maybe on This post u find a plugin that does what you need.

  3. Is this plugin incompatible with newer versions of SketchUp? Or how is it installed?

  4. Honestly Jay I am not sure, haven't been using SU lately, maybe someone else can help us?


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