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The new version of AutoCAD for Mac is now available for free at the Autodesk Education Community. If you are a student or education professional (with a valid University email address) you can join the Autodesk Education Community and download for free the new AutoCAD for MAC version.

My parents own a 20+ year old "Apple Macintosh SE 1/20" that still works, but unfortunately will not be able to handle a trial of AutoCAD. So you, MAC freaks, will have to give it a try yourself. Hope it works great, this has been for a long time one of the reasons I never went back to using MACs. Maybe my next laptop will be one now that it seems there are less and less reasons not to get one. What do you think?

Oh! I forgot! If you are not a student you can still try AutoCAD for mac here.


  1. I was quite interested in installing AutoCAD on my Mac since I haven't used CAD for years. The cost for AutoCAD is not sustainable. Its still priced for a market where there are only a few "supercomputers" to run it. Since computing power has improved exponentially, making computers affordable, the price of AutoCAD should have dropped accordingly, but never did. So either the price of Autodesk products will have to drop dramatically or Autodesk itself will be in big big trouble. I'm actually saying this to be helpful, as someone who doesn't need CAD since SketchUp Pro does all the "CAD" work I need.

    Unfortunately the install for my Mac didn't work... Must be too "well protected" against hackers who can take advantage of the ridiculous price..... Sorry about the rant by the way... This is a great blog and has helped keep my waning attention on CAD! Cheers

  2. so what was the problem installing AutoCAD on the MAC? System requirements?

    didn't understand exactly what you meant by "Must be too "well protected" against hackers"


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