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How many square meters are there in a square foot? Need a unit converter? Here you'll find a good one.
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When working or gathering information on projects in countries the use different units, we sometimes need to convert the units to get an idea of the dimensions of that project, or simply to compare that project with others that use another system.

I am not going to enter into the discussion of why US has not yet adopted the metric system, so take this simply as a post to get a converter for as long as this is needed.

The one I am relying on for a long time is called "Covert for Windows" got it from my last job and it is actually freeware. below you can see the interface with all its different possibilities. Pretty light weight and easy to use.

You can get Convert at the author's page or download it directly here.

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  1. Don't forget that you can do a great number of unit conversions without even leaving Autocad using the 'QuickCalc' Pallet...


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