AutoCAD: Problems with LMAN Command. The solution is CMDDIA

Having problems when running the LMAN command? Maybe this helps
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Joe asked me ercently about a problem he was having with the LMAN Command.

"When I enter LMAN at the command prompt the following happens:
Command: LMAN
Current layer state: *UNNAMED*
Enter an option for layer states [?/Import/Export/Save/Restore/Delete/reName]:
It will not bring up a dialogue box. I tried filedia,that doesn't fix it"

He found himself the answer and told me the problem was the settings of the CMDDIA system variable. This SV has a similar use to FILEDIA about which we already talked about before.

According to Dailyautocad "CMDDIA system variable determines whether dialog boxes open or not, during the commands that which use file dialog boxes. If its value is 1, then dialog boxes open while the commands work. If its value is 0, then dialog boxes do not appear and the required parameters are entered from command line"

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