Location Based Management System (LBMS) and the Last Planner System (LPS)

Learn about LBMS and LPS with a free webinar by Vico
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Just got this on my mail and I actually joined the webinar. Next Friday December 17th Vico Software is hosting a free online webinar about the basics of LBMS and LPS. This seems to be just an introduction to both systems and their relationship.

LBMS is a system for planning and controling the project, using the technique that long ago helped build the Empire Estate Building in just 11 months. Vico Software has incorporated this system in their planning an control software package called Vico Control. If you want to learn more about LBMS, besides joining the webinar, you can check this link, and if you really want to get serious about it you can get this book.

The Last Planner System was developed by the Lean Construction Institute to help control building production. There are a couple of good papers available out there too. This one by Gregory Neil Associates and the Doctoral Thesis of Herman Glenn Ballard.

Both systems are worth learning if you are in the Project or Construction Management fields.

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