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See the population distribution in USA in an amazing map by hte NY Times.
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Just got this from someone on twitter and I thought I'd share. Maybe not directly related to construction, Architecture and Design, but since I guess there will be some urban planners out there reading this blog once in a while this might be interesting for them.

The image above is from Downtown Manhattan. Wondering where China Town is? Red dots show you the way!. It is pretty amazing to see how despite the great variety of peoples that USA has, the different ethnicities tend to be quite segregated and clustered.

The image below is from Baltimore, where I used to live. Being there it always surprised me how the city changed radically from one block to the next one. On the image below, see the change from green to blue along Greenmount Ave. and York Road.

Probably there are some issues created by this segregation that the local governments should try to avoid. one of my guesses in the case of Baltimore is that creating the huge areas of projects (public housing) tends to limit the possibility of mixing peoples in the city and increases segregation. But I am no specialist, let those who know more talk about it.

The two snapshots are taken form the NY Times US Census Map. It has many more options like Hosuehold income, education, etc. A pretty interesting tool.

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