Photoshop: Cropped Image Disappears

What to do if your crop tool makes the image disappear? Easy, easy...
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Was trying to crop one of the images for one of my posts here and I encountered the problem that when I used the Crop tool, instead of doing the crop operation, photoshop was turning my image into 1 single pixel. I had no clue what was wrong, tried to restart the program but the problem persisted. Finnally I realised that the problem was that for some reason, on the Crop Bar, on the width box it said "1 px". Well, simply removing that and leaving all boxes blank solved the problem.

An easy solution, but took me a while to find out.


  1. THANKS A LOT! HAHAHAHA HAVING THIS PROBLEM A WHILE AGO. it worked because of you :)

  2. Thank you SO much. This saved me a lot of frustration when the same thing just happened to me.


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