Find your Invisible Revit Objects

CAD Shack has posted a very good list of reasons why you might not be seeing an object.
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I recently experienced not being able to find see some of the objects I had created. the reason I couldn't find them was because I had set some of them as Interior Objects and somehow I had activated a filter to not show interior objects. Played with it, struggled a bit, and finally found the solution. Then I started playing with Phases, and of course, some objects disappeared as I moved them to a phase that was not the one being shown.

Why do I mention all this? Well, just as an introduction to link you to a very interesting post at CAD Shack that lists the two situations explained above and 8 more that might turn you crazy trying to find an object that is not visible. Great, no more thinking you lost the objects, they are there, simply hidden. Cad bless the Revit.

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