(Presentation) Using BIM as a Project Management Tool: How Can BIM improve the delivery of Complex Construction Projects?

See my Master Thesis Presentation.
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I just presented last Monday February 7th my Master Thesis for the graduation of the Master of Engineering (M. Eng) of International Project Management in the Building Process Chain, that I have been doing for the past 18 months. The title of My Master Thesis was "Using BIM as a Project Management Tool: How Can BIM improve the delivery of Complex Construction Projects?"

My Master Thesis was awarded the highest possible mark (1.0 following the German standard) and I got very good remarks and comments from my supervisors. The MT might even get adapted and published in some scientific journal. For the time being, here I will share the slides of my presentation. You might not be able to understand everything since some slides were thought to be used just as a reference and what was relevant was what I had to say, so refer to this post that contains a summary of the Master Thesis. In any case, my presentation was recorded and I hope I will get a copy of the video file and post it later on here. Here comes the presentation.

I owe all of you who contributed to the Questionnaire Survey the sending of the summary of findings. I promise I will do that asap. Thanks again to all who helped by responding or by commenting on the topic.

To see a complete list of references used for this research check this post.

The presentation was uploaded to SlideBoom thanks to a review I read at m62. As you will see, SlideBoom allows the power point animations to be seen on the web (and it just screwed up one slide...I will try to reupload later to fix that, but for now that is what we have)

Cheers and thanks again.

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  1. hi,
    i am a project management student, and i am doing my thesis related to BIM, but i am confused what part should i focus, i went through the summary and presentation of your thesis and it is earth shattering,
    if you don't mind can you help me in deciding my thesis topic and further help me in structuring it.
    looking for your co-operation.
    my email id - ShethAA@gmail.com


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