Me, You and The Six Phases of #Revit

Very interesting post from the AUGI Blog: The six phases of Revit. Where are you now?
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Randomly bumped into this post from the AUGI Blog. As you'll see it describes six phases of how users interact with Revit.

I find myself right in Phase 4: "The family editor eats you up and spits you out". LOL, that is how I feel sometimes when creating families (specially window and door families).

Reading the post I thought I'd ask users here at what Phase are you. Just to know what audience I am targeting. So feel free to click on the answer below.

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  1. I voted as phase 2, but that's because I live perpetually there. I think I'm solidly in phase 4, but I always try to push capabilities to the limit and do more than I know how to do. Really not looking forward to the day I take on .NET programming in earnest...


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