My First Published Paper

My first scientific paper has just been published online
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Some of you might remember that a couple of years ago, I talked about my Master Thesis here. Since I was told the Thesis was quite good, I started publishing parts of it here. While I was doing that, one of my Thesis tutor's, Jürgen M. Volm put me in touch with DDavid Bryde who told me there was potential to turn part of the thesis into a scientific paper. So me and David started to work together to turn my MT into a paper. Now this is done and the paper is available online on the January at You can access it here (if you have access to ScienceDirect, or paying the price...).
The paper is called "The Project Benefits of Building Information Modelling" and analyzes the benefits and challenges of using BIM in 35 case studies. It was a lot of work but I have to say it is very rewarding to have it up there in the scientific sphera. Hopefully there will be more coming.

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