Potential Business Oportunities with BIM (UK policy)

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The UK Government Released by the end of 2012, a paper named Building Information Modelling - Industrial strategy: government and industry in partnership, a very interesting paper on the possibilities for growth for companies doing BIM. If you are on the BIM market, read it, plenty of inspiring ideas in there.

Considering that the BIS BIM Strategy is regarded as the most ambitious BIM strategy in the world promoted by a central government, the advice in this paper should not be taken lightly. The BIS BIM Strategy is a long term strategy that for now is forcing the government's AEC clients (architects, contractors, engineers, etc) to jump on the BIM wagon to not fall behind.

In the paper, you will the opinion of AEC professionals on the role of BIM and how it will help the AEC Industry. Finnally you will find several actions to be taken by the government together with the industry to help UK be a worldwide leader in BIM, and so, to help UK companies to gain business worldwide.

All this, seen from Barcelona now, seems like a dream really. Although some things are going on regarding BIM in here (Last June the Spanish Chapter of BuildingSmart started to roll officially) most of the fuzz right now in the insdustry is focused on the "hard times" and more recently on the new draft of the "LSP -L ey de Servicios profesonales" (Law of Profesional Services). This draft seems to change the atributions kept exclusive for Architects and Engineers and is creating a lot of movement from Architects' Boards and Unions trying to defend our parcel of work in the industry. I will try to talk about this draft later on another post, but for now it seems to me that while other governments like UK's is trying to create policy that will enable better ways to collaborate, the Spanish government (always so smart) is creating disruptive trouble and fighting between parts instead of promoting strategies that will help sell our services worldwide that is what the country needs the most.

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