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You can visualize your DWG files also on your mobile device now
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I wrote back in 2011 about the official launch of AutoCAD WS (what had been called on Autodesk Labs Project Butterfly). At that time I actually had no smartphone and the Ipad and similar tablets where not as common as they are right now. So when I talked about the use I was giving to it and the potential I saw, I have to admit I didn't foresee that the main use could be to view files on site with your mobile devices. ANd I think this is actually one of it main uses today.

I was asked today at a lunch party by a friend who also works in the AEC Industry: How can I see AutoCAD files on my IPad when I go on site? The answer was simple, download the AutoCAD WS app for iPad, create an account, go to the AutoCAD WS web page from a computer where you have those files and upload them to your account on the cloud, then simply access the app on your iPad and you will be able to see those files. Simple it doesn't get in life.Here the links to the apps, choose the one that fits your device:

- AutoCAD WS for Ipad, Ipod and Iphone
- AutoCAD WS for Android

This is actually the best use I see for this app, but don't forget another one that I also talked about back in 2011. It can actually work as a free AutoCAD version converter. See the image below

If you get a file and you are not updating your AutoCAD software regularly you can use AutoCAD WS to upload the file to the cloud and then download it saved in any version from R.14 to the latest one. So this is another great use of this tool I guess.

As far as I know, so far only iOS and Android have apps, something to consider if you have to buy phones for your field staff.

Any other great uses you guys know about and that you wish to share? Please Comment!!


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