Free Revit Family Manager Add-in

A new add-in to manage your families in revit. And it is free.
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Got the heads up from Luke Johnson about this new, and free, add-in for Revit available at the Autodesk Exchange app page. I haven't tried it but it looks promising.Quoting the app developers HTSSIndia:

The purpose of this tool is to directly load families from one Revit project to another i.e., this tool enables the users to easily look in to the views, types, parameters of the families in a Revit project file and directly load the selected families in to the current Revit project or save them as ‘rfa’ files in the given PC path.
So now it is easy to transfer families from project to project knowing exactly what you are transferring. Excellent.

Without this add in, you can transfer families from one project to another using the Transfer Project Standards tool in revit. But then you would be transfering without so much control of which families you actually copy, so this add-in is worth it.

To install it, download the add-in from here, then run the installer.

Via What Revit Wants

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