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A living list of the latest BIM standards available online. A list that will be updated regulary
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I've been trying to find as many BIM standards as possible for what is the seed of my next paper. I thought I'd share them here. In no way this means there are no other BIM Standards available, it simply means I haven't found them, so please share in the comments if you know another set of published BIM standards that are available online and that I haven't added to the list.

UPDATE: I have turned the list into a table that can be sorted clicking on the headers. THis way it is easy to sort the standards by country,or date or name, etc.

Finland Building SMART Finland Public Common BIM Requirements 201203Mar 2012
Norway Statsbygg Public Statsbygg - BIM Manual 1.21 201110Oct 2011
UK AEC (UK) Committee Private AEC (UK) BIM Protocol v2.0 201209Sep 2012
UK The British Standards Institution Private PAS 1192-2:2013 201302Feb 2013
Australia Natspec Public NATSPEC National BIM Guide 201109Sep 2011
Australia CRC for Construction Innovation Public National Guidelines for Digital Modeling 201109Sep 2011
Australia & NZ ANZRS Private ANZRS v.3 2012002012
Canada CanBIM Private AEC (CAN) BIM Protocol 1.0 201210Oct 2012
USA NIBS Private NBIMS-US™ V2 201205May 2012
USA Air Force Public BIM Requirements 201104Apr 2011
USA Tricare Public DoD MHS Minimum BIM Requirements 201106Jun 2011
USA USACE Public BIM Requirements 201104Apr 2011
USA Georgia GSFIC Public GSFIC BIM Guide 201106Jun 2011
USA Federal Aviation Administration Public Minimum BIM Requirements 201202Feb 2012
USA NY SCA Public BIM Guidelines and Standards 201301Jan 2013
USA SDCCD High-Ed BIM Standards for Arch. Eng. & Contr. 201301Jan 2013
USA Georgia Tech High-Ed GT BIM Requirements for Arch. Eng. & Contr. 201109Sep 2011
Spain FIDE Gov FIDE (Spanish) 2011002011
Singapore BCA/CORENET Gov Singapore BIM Guide Version 1.0 201205May 2012
Hong Kong HKIBIM Private HKIBIM_Specification-Rev3-0 201106Jun 2011
Denmark Digital Construction Gov ICT Demands (Danish) - English Intro 2010002010
USA GSA Gov BIM Guide Series 2012002012
USA Department of VA Gov The VA BIM Guide 201004Apr 2010
USA NYC DDC Public DDC BIM Guidelines 201207Jul 2012
USA PA of NY Eng. Dept. Public EAD BIM Standard Manual 201209Sep 2012
USA City of San Antonio Public CoSA BIM Standards 201107Jul 2011
USA Ohio DAS Public Ohio BIM Protocol 2010002010
USA Texas Facilities Comission Public Guidelines - Standards (pp 48-72) 200802Feb 2008
USA Wisconsin DOA Public BIM Guidelines and Standards 201207Jul 2012
USA MIT Dept. of Facilities High-Ed MIT CAD and BIM Guidelines 201204Apr 2012
USA LA Community College High-Ed BIM Standards 200909Sep 2009
USA LA Community College High-Ed DB BIM Standards 201006Jun 2010
USA LA Community College High-Ed DBB BIM Standards 201106Jun 2011
USA Penn State Univ. High-Ed BIM Project Execution Planning Guide v2.1 201007Jul 2010
USA Penn State Univ. High-Ed BIM Plannign Guide for Facility Owners 201207Jul 2012
USA USC High-Ed BIM Guidelines 1.6 201206Jun 2012
USA AIA Private BIM Protocol Exhibit 2008002008
UK CIC Private The BIM Protocol 201302Feb 2013
USA AGC Private Contractor's Guide to BIM 2nd Ed ($75) 200901Jan 2009
USA AGC Private Contractor's Guide to BIM 1st Ed 200607Jul 2006
Norway Boligprodusentene Private BIM Manual 201111Nov 2011
Netherlands RGD Gov Rgd BIM Norm (Dutch) 201302Feb 2013
USA Indiana University High-Ed IU BIM Guidelines and Standards 201207Jul 2012

Credits for some Standards I didn't have in the original post go to:

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Do you know of any more BIM Standards? Share please!


  1. Under Other Public and Local - City of San Antonio:
    Beware the language of model ownership, which I think also exists in the New York DDC. Thanks for the links!

  2. provides an extensive list of Revit-specific standards and guidelines on content creation.

  3. Thanks for the links! Adding them!


  5. Thank you for the list, a lot of people will find it valuable!

  6. Here's another:

    Canada CanBIM CanBIM Protocol 2013

  7. I found that there is a large presence of BIM degrees being shot out of the UK -- it is odd that most programs in USA focus on management from an old school perspective of siloed industries, mostly because the techniques have still not been standardized yet (I think -- still new to the field). Have you found anything of the like by searching UK-based sites?

    Once my semester ends, I would be more than glad to look into it to help add to the great list you have provided here!

  8. There are two austrian BIM standards:
    ON A 6241-1 this is a dxf based open standard using blocks and attributes
    ON A 6241-2 Austrain Level 3 BIM standard based on IFC + bSdd + a property server


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