UK's NBS - RIBA National BIM Report 2013

The 2013 National BIM Report about UKs AEC Industry is available online.
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Just got the news via Construction Code and Stephen Hamil that the newest NBS UK National BIM Report is available for download here. It has the latest survey info on the status of BIM adoption and opinions of the AEC professionals of the UK about it's current and future use. Let me quote couple of paragraphs that I think are a very good summary of it's contents:
The good news is that progress continues to be made in BIM adoption. The 2012 survey shows the percentage of the industry actually using BIM has grown to 39%, up from 13% in 2010. (...)

(...)BIM adopters can see that BIM is more than just ‘seductive graphics’ and ‘sexy 3D’. They can demonstrate that effective information management leads to business efficiency and profitability.(...)

(...)It will be the cultural and behavioural changes that many will find most difficult, and yet I believe these will prove to be the most important if we are to be successful.(...)

OK, so here you have it, plenty of useful insights. Congratulations to the #UKBBIMCrew involved on this!.

PD: You can also access past years' reports here.

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