SketchUp 2013 is now Available

SketchUp 2013 is now available with many new features
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About a year ago, Trimble acquired SketchUp. Yesterday, Trimble announced that the new version SketchUp 2013 is now available for download.

Many new features are available, you can read in more detail about them here, but this is the list:

  • Extension Warehouse: Find SketchUp Pluigns in a single location from SketchUp
  • Pattern Fills: Better documentation tools to fill section cuts with patterns
  • Copy Array in Layout: The same way you copy multiple times in Sketchup you can now do it in Layout.
  • Faster Screen Redraw when panning or zooming.
  • Speedier Vector Rendering.
  • Numbered Pages in the Pages panel: LayOut’s Pages panel now displays page numbers.
  • Curved Label Leader Lines
  • Dashes in Dimensions
  • Smarter Toolbars in Windows
  • Exporting a movie from your SketchUp model
  • Zoom In More in layout.

It seem like Trimble is switching the focus on the documentation part, with many new features for Layout. It seems that those saying you can do construction documents with SketchUp actually saw something the bunch of us missed, but Trimble didn't. This is great news, SketchUp is by far the easiest to learn, easiest to use 3D Modeling tool out there IMHO, awesome that it is getting more and more options. let's just hope that it doesn't get many more $ added to the license.

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