Revit: Rotating the Section Box

You can actually rotate Section boxes in Revit to cut the model in a non perpendicular angle. How to do it is simple
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If you need to use the section box feature but you want to do it at an angle not perpendicular to the view, you can actually do it. There are some limitations, but you can do it.

If you are on a 3D view, click on the top of the View Cube. When you select the Section box from this position, you will see a rotation symbol on one of its corners. Simply click and drag it to ratate the Section Box.

If at any point you want to reset the section box, you can simply go to the properties of the view, uncheck Section box, and check it again to get it back to be NS oriented.

The limitations of rotating the section box is that you have to be on a Plan view (the top or bottom view of a 3D view works)

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  1. Can you only do this by eye or can you for example rotate the box by 16°?


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