AutoCAD: Modify the Size of the Breakline Symbol

Control de size of the Breakline Symbol before you draw it.
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For a long time, AutoCAD has an Express Tools Command called BREAKLINE that allows you to quickly draw break lines to show stairs or other elements that should be represented with this symbol. Got a question recently on how to control the size of this BREAKLINE, and the truth is that it is very simple.
To Draw the breaklin you type BREAKLINE an ENTER, then, if you look at the command you will see this text:
At this point and before clickon to start drawing, you can type "S" and press enter and you will be able to modify teh Size of the BREAKLINE symbol. It is as simple as that.
If instead of pressing "S" and ENTER you press "E" and ENTER you will be able to control de Extension of the BREAKLINE, which is the distance that the breakline symbol will extend to each side of the Point you choose to start drawing it and the point you choose to end. See the image:
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If you need more info about the BREAKLINE command, you can also check this old post from 2009.

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