Revit: Changing Family Type

How to change a family type? Easy and simple.
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Last week I needed to change a family from window type to door type. Why? Well, I had a door to model that actually looks like a window, but I needed to report it as a door on schedules. So I basically wanted to reuse a window family, and was wondering how to change the family type. I got the answer through revit forum on this thread.

The steps are very simple. You just need to open the family file, either by browsing to where you have it stored or by using the Edit Family function from a project when you have that family selected.

Once you are have the family file open, simply click on Family Category and Parameters on the Ribbon.

Here you will be able to see the family type and change it.
Once you've done that, you can reload the family in the project. Now, you will be able to insert it as the new family type you have set.
Easy and simple.

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