BIM Thoughts and Conclusions from UK's National Construction Contracts and Law Survey 2013

The recently published NBS report has some insights on the real BIM use in UK's projects
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UK's National Building Specification [NBS], (also available on twitter as @TheNBS)has published recently a report called "National Construction Contracts and Law Survey 2013". Among other itneresting data, some insights on the Contractual Use of BIM in UK is given, and it is interesting, specially in contrast to other more optimistic views about the BIM penetration in the market.

First interesting point related to BIM is that up to 49% of respondents said they didn't use any type of "collaborative technique" in projects started in 2012. THis is a very important point for it means that at least 49% of the industry is not collaborating, thus COllaborative BIM is right now still far from Standard.

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The second interesting piece of BIM related information we find is that 78% of the respondents have not started adopting BIM in their contracts and 77% don't even reference to it in their COntracts. This seems to me like BIM is still very irrelevant contractually to most of stakeholders, so the Collaborative BIM Process has still a lot of hurdles to jump to start running at a good pace.

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Finally, the last, and maybe the most relevant info related to BIM is the one taken from the question "What information do you normally provide / receive about the project?". Here, only 9% of respondents mention BIM as info being provided by them to the project or received from other consultants.

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This, to me, means that real BIM, the one that involves the "creation of a collaborative database with information (...)" is used at the most by 9% of the industry in UK. A bit far (maybe more realistic?) than some of the implementation numbers that one can suppose from data from other reports, like for instance McGraw-Hills "The Business Value of BIM in Europe" from which I adapted the chart below. According to McGraw-Hills report, the "adoption rate for BIM in the United Kingdom among construction professionals surveyed is 35%".

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My analysis is, that either those surveyed in the McGraw-Hill report lied, or by "adopting BIM" they meant or understood something similar to "using a BIM tool". Matching the 35% adoption in 2010 with the 9% of respondents who in the recent report (with data from 2012)say they deliver or recieve BIM as information we see that there si a big gap between the two percentages. My guess is that probably the data obtained about BIM in a non BIM centric survey is probably more valuable, for it might be less biased than those reports aiming to show how well the BIM progress is going.

Well, I don't know, maybe I am wrong, what are your thoughts? Please share!

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