Revit: Copying an Element Multiple Times

Copy an Object Multiple Times in Revit
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If you've come to Revit from AutoCAD, you probably noticed that the copy command behaves slightly different by default. While in AutoCAD if you use the copy command you can copy an object multiple times without calling the command again, in Revit, by default, it doesn't work the same way. It probably happened to you for a while as it did to me, that you kept copying an object and typing CO again to copy it another time. That is what it seems you have to do in Revit, so you might get a bit frustrated. Well, it doesn't have to be like this.

If you want to copy an object multiple times, select the object, type CO (the Revit keyboard shortcut for Copy) and before copying the object go to the ribbon and check "Multiple". It is that simple, once you've checked this, Revit will behave like AutoCAD and will let you copy an object multiple times.

Very simple. Now I am wondering how much time I did loose long time ago when I didn't know about this...

UPDATE 01: You can also copy objects multiple times (or just one) by using the MOVE commamnd and holding the Ctrl Key while you move it, this will actually copy instead of moving the object.


  1. It is easier to just hold down Ctrl key to switch the tick box on and off.

  2. Not sure what you mean Luke, tried it with the Copy command and didn't get to work as you said. Although, I realised if I move an object while pressing Ctrl, I can copy it multiple times too, like in other Autodesk Packages.

  3. What Luke says is true for mirror and move commands, not copy. shift or control button acts as shortcut to select/unselect multiple option.


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