Revit Basics: Closing All Open Views Except the Active One

One click button to close all the open views and leave only the active one open.
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Switching from view to view in Revit means almost always that you keep on opening new views without closing the other ones. This can make navigating from view to view using the ALT+TAB shortcut a bit cumbersome after a while (because we might end up with 20 views open). At the same time, I read somewhere that having many views open can make Revit slower. So closing all hidden views is useful, and easy. One of those basics we tend to forget.

I was reading some old training material and found this tip. Click on the "Close Hidden" button located on the Windows section of the View Tab on the Ribbon. This will close all the windows that are not visible. THat's it, one of the basics that makes your life easier. Cheers.

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