BIM Management Postgraduate Course in Barcelona in 2014

BIM Education in Barcelona, and I'll be one of the teachers!
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When I came back to Barcelona from Germany three and a half years ago and started talking to people about BIM, I mostly saw puzzled faces and "what is he talking about?" looks. Spain AEC industry lags behind in innovation compared to other countries, and BIM has not been an exception. Despite this delay, 2013 has been the first year when I can say (considering my profesional Network) that BIM is becoming a topic everyone has heard about and many people want to learn. Let me tell you some of the things that happened in the last months related to BIM:
  • In June 2012 the Spanish Chapter of Building Smart was created.
  • In May 2013, the First Spanish BIM Convention took place in Valencia
  • The Summer of 2013 the Catalan Public Infrastructure Agency (GISA) has already mentioned BIM as a plus point to be considered in the competition for the design and construction of a Public School near Barcelona.
  • In November 2013, Building Smart Spanish Chapter has started the creation of the "Guía de Usuarios BIM", or BIM users guide, based on the Finnish BuildingSmart COBIM Requirements. (I am actually helping on that)
Companies small and big, specially those working abroad, are starting to get from their clients or potential clients the "I want you to work in BIM". So people are looking around and asking where can I learn BIM? Well, people tend to jump into learning BIM by joining a Revit / ArchiCAD / Allplan / Bentley Course. And of course they learn to use those tools (they actually learn to navigate the interface and play with some tools) but they actually don't learn much about BIM as a process. Me and those who've been longer working in BIM environments have been repeating non-stop the karma BIM = Process / Revit;ArchCAD;Allplan = Tool and finally it seems this is already widely understood around here. So people want to learn more about the process itself, and me and some colleagues are going to make it happen:

Starting in 2014, UPC Barcelona will be hosting a Postgraduate Course about BIM Management called: BIM Management. Multi-platform Management of Building Information Modeling. The course will be in Spanish for now as it aims to the local professionals. Hopefully we will make it good enough to turn it into a full Postgraduate Degree. You can read more about the course [in Spanish or in Catalan] here. Please feel free to forward the link to anyone who you think will be interested.

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