Creating Flat Roof Slopes in Revit

Step by step on how to create the slopes of a flat roof in Revit
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How do we create the slopes of a flat roof in Revit? Ok let's see what a flat roof is made of mostly:
  • A layaer of Light-weight / celular concrete to give the slope to the roof.
  • Several layers of waterproofing, insulation, finish, etc.
Yes I kept it simple, for this I don't care if the roof is finished with gravel, tiles or just the waterproofing. The important part is the Lightweight concrete layer. So first step, let's create the roof with this two layers, something like this (naming is in Spanish):

If we now want to create the roof slopes we have to do two things:

  1. Manually set the heights of the points we want to set higher or lower than the default roof thickness. To do this, we select the roof object and click on Modify Subelements:

    After clicking this, we can on a floor plan for instance, select the existing points and manually change their height. we can also do it by dragging the point up or down on a view)

    Once we've set the heights we want to create the slope, we can check on a section view how does it look like. If you followed these steps it will look something like this:

    As you can, see, the solpes are fine, but the problem is that the underside of the roof is also sloped, which we don't want, since the underside should be flat. Here comes step two:

  2. The simple step we need to do to fix this is to Edit the roof Type and tell revit we want the Lightweight Concrete Layer to have a variable height. So edit the roof family type and click on this:

    These should be the results (or something similar)

Don't remember where I saw this, I think it was at RevitForum

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