Revit Families: Brazilian "Tubulao" Family

A particular type of foundation used in Brazil. Let me share it with all of you.
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I've been working in a huge residential project in Brazil. Great thing of working with projects in other countries is that you get to learn new ways of building. This one I am sharing is a type of isolated foundation called "Tubulao". It is a sort of thick bored pile, that has the peculiartity that a worker goes down the excavated circular pile and enlarges the base to give it more support area. Kind of crazy when you see the pictures, but realitevely easy to model in Revit. See a couple of images of the Tubulao and then let me share the family with you.

Image Source

Image source

I modeled the family quite easily with a couple of extrusions and a blend for the Cone Frustum. Then, added some parameters to control the diameter of the base, the diameter of the pile and the height of the Cone Frustum and the total height. See a couple of shots.

The interesting part is that since the execution of these foundations has two stages (digging the pile with a machine first and then cretaing the base by having a worker go down the pit and manually enlarge the base) I needed the volume of the part that the worker would enlarge manually (Tubulao Vb) in the family. So I had to play with the formulas to get the volumes of the different parts of the "Tubulao". This also helped me to check if the Total Volume calculation that revit was giving me was accurate, which I learned is a step you should always follow. Anyways, this is the parameter window of the Tubulao, where you can see the formula of the cone frustum and all the other paramteres used for calculation.

Here you can download the Family Here

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