Clash Detection Using Autodesk Navisworks Manage

Testing the Clash Detection Feature of Navisworks Manage to compare it to other platforms.
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Chapter II of the Quick Comparison between Clash Detection capabilities of different software platforms. I am on the process of running a quick comparison of the different tools out there to run Automated Clash Detection. The first one I tried was Tekla BIM Sight. Here is a quick video on the same process done with Autodesk Navisworks Manage 2014.

My quick thoughts on how it works are these:
  • On the upside, almost as easy to run as with Tekla BIMSight, maybe a but less intuitive when you run it for the first time.
  • Also positive. Good visualization of the clashes with ghosting of the other elements to perfectly see the two elements in conflict.
  • Not sure still if good or bad: With the same files and tolerances used for Tekla BIM Sight's test it reported only 241 Clashes. (that is 139 less than Tekla BIMSight). WIll have to check the reason for this but it is a very big difference and needs to be anayised.
  • On the downside: The price of the Software.
Since the new version of Navis was released last week for download, I installed it and gave a try to the same feature on Navisworks Manage 2015. Everything seems to work as good as in 2014, not any changes seen at first sight. Video below.
More to come soon on other platforms (As many as I can have access too).Any thoughts on this? Please comment

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