Clash Detection Using Tekla BIM Sight

Testing the Clash Detection Feature of Tekla BIM Sight to compare it to other platforms.
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I am on the process of running a quick comparison of the different tools out there to run Automated Clash Detection. THe firs one I tried is Tekla BIM Sight. Here is a quick video on the process which is quite simple.

My quick thoughts on how it works are these:
  • On the upside, it is extremely easy to run a test, very intuitive and you can do it after 1 minute of installing the software. Plus TeklaBIMSight is free.
  • On the downside: The visualization of the clashes is not very good. When you click on a "Conflict" the program zooms to it, but it does not ghost other elements or highlight enough the involved elements for a good visualization.
So, this are my thoughts on the process of comparing this process on different platforms. I understand I might have overlooked some settings to allow me to better visualize the conflicts / clashes in the model, but the idea is to compare the software packaes as you find them after installing.

Any thoughts on this? Please comment

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