Test on Running an IFC Based Clash Detection using Revit

I tried this and it is not a pleasant process.
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So on the series of quick testing clash detection features using IFC files, I decided to give it a try with Revit since it has an Interference Check function. What I learned from the test is that it is not the right software to do this (specially having free alternatives like Tekla BIMSight). Anyways here is the quick video on the process and below a short description of the steps. If you want to skip this one, feel free, summary is, I wouldn't use Revit to do this.

So this is the quick summary of the process. Since Revit can not link IFCs, you actually need to do the following:
  1. Open ifc file A
  2. Save As Revit File A
  3. Open IFC File B
  4. Link Revit File A in it
  5. Run the interference check
On top of this, the default visualization features of the interference check in Revit are awful (you basically have a hard time finding the elements visually. So as I said, nice try but to me this is a no go.

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